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We stongly believe there is no such thing as a "small job" in art restoration. We restore and conserve art which is important and valuabe to our clients! This means it can be a poster of sentimental importance with no monetary value, or it could be the prized Stern or Pierneef in your private collection worth millions.


We treat your treasures with the care, sensitivity and professionalism your artwork deserves. More than just a business, we have a passion for the artwork and for the preservation of art. 

We are professional and highly qualified art restorers and conservators


Many people do not understand the scientific process involved in restoration. Ernest Bellingan Scott holds a BA(Hons) degree in Science and Conservation from the London Institute of Art [UK] and a Diploma in the Chemistry and History of Pigments from the University of Chicago [USA]. As an intern he worked in:  


The Louvre Paris  |  Rijks Museum in Amsterdam Holland

The British Museum London  |  National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh


During his time as an intern he catalogued and conserved rare manuscripts and artworks as well as working on some of the works in the Queen of England's collection. After graduation he worked for a USA conservation firm for three years, dealing with problematic works of art on paper and oil on canvas.


After returning to South Africa, he was appointed Head Paper Conservator of the Johannesburg Art Gallery. In 1998, Ernest decided to establish his own conservation and restoration studio, and today our clients include major galleries, auction houses, private collectors and dealers.


Bellingan Scott specialises in the restoration and conservation of paper. Paper can be damaged by various elements, including water, fire, insects, light and the environment. These works of paper include:

Water Colours |  Drawings  |  Maps  |  Photographs  |  Documents

Stamps  |  Antique Wall Papers  |  Mixed Media on Paper



We also specialise in the restoration of paintings, including:


Oil on Canvas and Board  |  Acrylic on Canvas and Board

Ernest in the process of restoring

a large oil on canvas 

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